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Luxurious Landscaping1st Class Pro Lawn offers a wide variety of services for both residential and commercial properties including lawn care, tree and shrub services, snow removal, and more to keep your lawn green, healthy, and weed-free as possible.

In addition to all of our other services we offer two fertilization programs. Our regular program includes four regular applications. The bonus program provides an additional granular or liquid application. Both of our programs include free services calls.

Don’t wait any longer for a healthy and beautiful lawn. Let 1st Class Pro Lawn get the job done. For more information about our services call us at 406-273-2442 today!

Lawn Care Services

Spray FertilizationPre-emergent Treatment
Helps control crab grass and other types of seed bearing grasses and broad-leaf weeds. This needs to be done very early in the Spring, before the ground soil reaches 55 degrees.

Early Spring Treatment
Contains a heavy rate balance of liquid fertilizer, micro-nutrients, and weed control for optimal spring growing conditions.

Late Spring Treatment
Contains a balance of liquid fertilizer, micro-nutrients, and weed control as needed.

Summer Treatment
Contains a balance of fertilizer and micro-nutrients. Proper fertilization at this time of year will promote root growth to help your lawn withstand the stress of summer heat. Weed control added as needed.

Fall Treatment
Contains a balance of fertilizer, micro-nutrients, and weed control as needed to help control the fall germination of broad-leaf weeds.

Late Fall Treatment
Granular or liquid fertilizer to help ensure lawn health as it prepares for winter dormancy.

Foundation Spray
An insecticide sprayed along the foundation to help control insects.

Perimeter Spray
An insecticide sprayed along the foundation and eaves to help control insects.

Fresh Cut Grass

Power Raking
Helps reduce thatch build-up and picks up any matted grass.

Core Aeration
Pulls cores from the soil, allowing better water and oxygen penetration to the root zone. Aeration softens the soil, breaks down the thatch, promotes stronger root development, and will help thicken the turf. Aeration is usually done in the fall.

Vegetation Control
Non-selective weed control for shrub beds, driveways, and curbs. Usually done in the spring or in the summer.

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Tree and Shrub Services

Healthy Fruit TreeDormant Oil Spray
Reduces the egg hatching of insects like aphids, mite, scales, etc. Done before the leaves are out in early spring.

Early Fruit Tree Spraying
Applied when the petals begin to drop off the blossoms in the spring.

Deep Root Feeding
Liquid fertilizer applied in the spring and in the fall.

Fertilization (Injection)
Corrects damage done by insects and disease quickly and efficiently.

Rocky Mountain Pine Beetle Control
Done before July 1st. Spraying must occur before activity like pitch tubes and red needles are evident.

Insect Control
Controls aphids, mites, scales, etc for trees, hedges, or shrubs of any size.

Shrub Shaping
Properly shaped, your shrubs should look nice and neat. Trimming your shrubs yearly keeps unwanted growth under control.

Small Tree Pruning
Pruning your trees helps improve their health by removing dead or dying branches. It also reduces the danger of falling limbs or low-hanging branches.

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Services by Season

1st Class Pro Lawn offers a wide variety of services, but sometimes they can be seasonally dependent. It is important to apply the correct maintenance plans to the appropriate season. Let us keep your lawn healthy no matter what time of year it is. For more information about the services we offer, call 406-273-2442 today.


  • Early Spring Treatment
  • Pre-emergent
  • Power Raking
  • Foundation Spraying
  • Perimeter Pest Control


  • Fall Treatment
  • Core Aeration
  • Small Tree Triming
  • Shrub Shaping
  • Foundation Spraying
  • Perimeter Pest Control

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  • Summer Treatment
  • Foundation Spraying
  • Perimeter Pest Control
  • Vegetation Control
  • Lawn Fungicide Control
  • Lawn Insect Control
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